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HFCSA Hendon Player of the Month

Each month the members of the Hendon Football Club Supporters Association cast their votes for the Hendon FC Player of the Month. Join HFCSA and make your opinion count.  

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As a member of the Hendon Football Club Supporters Association, you will become an integral part of ensuring the success and future of Hendon Football Club. We have been a family since 1933, dedicated to promoting friendliness and sociability among the supporters and helping the parent body in every way possible.

Whether you are near or far, young or old, your support matters. Join today.

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Photo: DBeech Photography.

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We have an occasional newsletter you might enjoy subscribing to. And don’t worry, we don’t share emails and we don’t spam, we just like to share news with our Hendon friends and family. 

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Hendon Football Club Supporters Association

Sliver Jubilee Park, Townsend Lane, Kingsbury London NW9 7NE UK

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By Car

From Staples Corner travel north along the A5, towards Edgware, through West Hendon, to the junction with Kingsbury Road (Red Lion public house on corner). Turn into Kingsbury Road and Townsend Lane is the 3rd turning on the left, at the top of the hill. The ground is in the bottom left hand corner of the Silver Jubilee Park. Please note that on site parking is limited and the car park is often closed well before kick off. There is plenty of side street parking, but please park courteously.

By Train

Nearest National Rail station is Hendon (Thameslink). Buses 83 and 183 pass Hendon station and close to the ground. Best stop to alight 83 is Slough Lane (avoids walk up & down steep hill), and 183 is Townsend Lane.

By Tube

Nearest tube station is Kingsbury (Jubilee Line). Approximately a 20 minute walk along main road (turn right out of station) and right down Townsend Lane. Or bus 183 to the top of Townsend Lane.

By Bus

Buses 83 and 302 stop at Slough Lane, and 83 and 183 at Townsend Lane, for a 5-10 minute walk to the ground. 

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