Hendon FC Legends Card Game – 1980’s (PDF Download)


Based on a popular children’s game the Hendon FC Legends game enable you to pit Hendon Legends against each other. This deck contains players from Paul Bhatia to Greg Zacharia. Pit Gripper against Dermot against Gibbo in a competition of league appearances, cup appearances, goals, active seasons or debut. Your aim is to win all the cards. Choose wisely by selecting who has the best stats at that time. Get it right and winner takes all.

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File format: PDF, 5 pages

Hendon FC Legends of the 1980’s.

Deck contains cards for 42 Hendon Legends: Dermot Drummy, Gary Keen, Andy O’Brien, Uche Egbe, Dave Root, Danny Worley, Tony Gibson, Duncan Hardy, Phil Gridelet, Erskine Smart, Mick Kiely, Iaian Dowie, Mark Ferneaux, Bobby Gough, Bobby Harding, Roger Wade, Neil Wolstenholme, Bob Dowie, Martin Duffield, Paul Bhatia, Barry Ferdinand, Mark Broughton, John Knapman, Kevin Folan, Barry Henley, Neil Henry, Garry Hewitt, Clive Kemplen, Richard Langley, Stewart Mitchell, Tom Murphy, John Palmer, Steve Robinson, Paul Shields, Paul Shirt, Steve Small, Adrian Smith, Colin Sowerby, Ali Sylvester, Colin Tate, Steve Wilkins, Greg Zacharia.

To Print:

Print PDF file on 5 sheets of paper or card stock and cut cards.

To Play:

Deal out all the cards face down one at a time to each player until all cards are dealt.

The player to the left of the dealer chooses first. They select one category from their top card and give their value.

Each player then gives their value. If Debut is chosen, the player with the earliest match wins all the cards from that round. For all other categories the player with the highest value wins all the cards from that round.

The winning player places these cards at the back of their hand. If two values are the same the cards from that round are placed in the middle. The player who chose then selects a category off their next card and reads the value. Each player then gives their value. The winner wins all the cards, including those in the middle. The winner of the last hand picks a category from their next card.

Play continues until one player has won all the cards.


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